Ohio’s FASD State Steering Committee

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD) is an umbrella term used to describe disorders that result from alcohol exposure during pregnancy. “Of all substances of abuse, including heroin, cocaine and marijuana, alcohol produces by far the most serious effects on the brain of the fetus. * Institute of Medicine Report to Congress (1996)


To help increase awareness of FASD and its life-long effects, the State of Ohio created a task force in 2003, which is composed of several state agencies, prevention professionals, educators and parents or caregivers of children with an FASD. The task force promotes abstaining from alcohol consumption during the conception period and pregnancy to prevent FASD, urging women not to drink a single drop.

The Ohio Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Initiative began in 2004.

Since then, Ohio’s FASD State Steering Committee has actively addressed the effects of FASD in Ohio. The partners in this effort included representatives of nine cabinet-level state agencies, parents and other youth and family serving organizations. The initial plan that guided the Steering Committee’s work consisted of five major goals that focused on increasing the availability of services, providing education, developing screening procedures and enhancing data collection efforts.



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