The Ohio Women’s Network, inc. is a diverse group of professionals providing leadership in the provision of women’s gender specific and gender competent alcohol, tobacco and other drug rehabilitation programming for women; whose mission it is to strengthen collaboration and coordination among the various programs providing services to women and children; to develop and disseminate “best practices” among such programs; to improve identification and referral of substance abusing women by human services agencies; to assure women’s access to clinically appropriate prevention and treatment and to increase awareness of women’s substance abuse and effective treatment technologies. OWN is affiliated with the Ohio Mental Health and Addiction Services. The vision of OWN is to enhance the integrity of women’s alcohol, tobacco, and other drug treatment, intervention, prevention, and recovery programs within a system that maintains accountability and value.


The Ohio Women’s Network, Inc. is a group of service providers funded in part by OMHAS.   Many accomplishments have been made to aid in our sustainability, including the establishment of non-profit status.   Because of this status, the network is qualified to apply for grants which could aid providers of women’s programming  in Ohio.


OMHAS has given approval for $150.00 for membership dues from the Block Grant.   Members of OWN have a voice at the table to insure the preservation of the Block Grant and insure the services for women and children are maintained and expanded to meet the rising needs.

 Meetings are held monthly in Columbus and offer free “best practices” trainings bi-monthly for all staff working in women’s programs.  State leaders often attend to provide information and guidance. Occasionally, phone conferences are held. The Ohio women’s Network proves to be a valuable asset for all involved!

We encourage you to join or renew your membership TODAY !

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For meeting information and membership form please contact Jeane Cole, Secretary at: jeanecole777@aol.com or 513 961-4663 or click on Ohio Women’s Network 2015 2016