Combating Substance Abuse Among Women

Substance abuse is a serious public health problem that has plagued communities for years. At Ohio Women’s Network, we’re committed to working with nonprofit providers statewide to make available the resources women need to escape addiction.

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Substance Abuse Treatments

Evidence has shown that treating substance abuse among nonviolent offenders is often a preferable alternative to incarceration. Whether for alcohol, illegal drugs or prescription opioids, we at OWN promote the development of treatment programs and work to connect the organizations that provide hope with the women who need hope.

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Stable Homes

Women’s journeys to recovery from substance abuse are far more likely to be successful if they don’t have to worry about their living situation or their ability to maintain custody of their children. Stable housing and women’s recovery centers are highly important for treatment programs, helping women overcome trauma and cope with challenges such as relapses.

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Family Focused Treatment

Treatment that helps women recover in the context of their relationships with family and children can be very effective when properly implemented. Not only do these treatments pay dividends for both the women and her children, they also promote maternal wellness, lower drug-related social and medical costs, and reduce rates of re-offending.

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