Treatment as an Alternative to Incarceration

Though substantial numbers of women incarcerated in Ohio have histories of substance abuse, far too few receive treatment. Providing treatments should be a priority when dealing with women who have drug or alcohol problems.

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A Formidable Problem

Though statistics show higher rates of illicit drug use among men than among women, women have higher rates when it comes to psychotherapeutic drugs and illicit pain medications.

Prescription Opioid Abuse

Increasing illicit use of prescription pain medications, often referred to as prescription opioids, has been well documented in recent years. The increasing illicit use of prescription drugs – especially prescription pain medications such as OxyContin, Vicodin and Percocet – warrant special attention and have unique implications for the women who abuse them. The damaging effects of a mother’s opioid addiction on newborns further underscores the importance of helping women break these habits.

A Cost-Effective Solution

Though public safety necessitates the imprisonment of violent offenders, the majority of incarcerated women are nonviolent offenders, many of whom make prim candidates for such community-based supervision as substance abuse treatment. These alternative consequences for drug offenses have been shown to be far more cost-effective than imprisonment – $3.30 of benefit per dollar, versus $2.83 of benefit per dollar.

Keys to Successful Programs

The most successful substance abuse prevention and treatment programs, with the best long-term improvements among participants, provide a full range of services. We at Ohio Women’s Network encourage community agencies to collaborate to provide a comprehensive offering of treatment opportunities.

The Numbers

Statistics show the relationship between substance abuse and incarceration among women:


Under the Influence

43% of women in prison were under the influence when incarcerated


History of Drugs

60% of women in prison report a history of drug dependence


Receive Treatment

Only 11% of incarcerated women in need of substance abuse treatment actually receive it

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