Our Mission to Help Women Better Themselves

Since 2000, the Ohio Women’s Network has been working to connect women with services they need to overcome substance use disorders and reduce the stigmas behind addiction and mental illness.

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Our History

Following a meeting of alcohol and drug treatment representatives in 1999, the Ohio Women’s Network was formed to bring hope to women, promoting the importance of treatments and making it easier for women to access them. We were founded on a series of assumptions about these crucial programs, and they still guide us to this day.

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Our Team

Our officers at OWN are dedicated to the promotion of our principles and our network of care providers throughout the state. We’ve helped innumerable women on the path to recovery and aren’t anywhere near done yet.

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Our Mission Statement

The Ohio Women’s Network of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drug Programs is a diverse group of professionals providing leadership in the provision of women’s gender specific and gender competent alcohol, tobacco and other drug programming for women, whose mission is to strengthen collaboration and coordination among the various programs providing services to women and children; to develop and disseminate “best practices” among such programs; to improve identification and referral of substance abusing women by human services agencies; to assure women’s access to clinically appropriate prevention and treatment and to increase awareness of women’s substance abuse and effective treatment technologies.

Our Vision Statement

To enhance the integrity of women’s alcohol, tobacco and other drug treatment, intervention, prevention, and recovery programs within a system that maintains accountability and value.

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